Delivering a healthy message

As digital technology and tools for the dissemination of mass messages continue to grow, professionals at schools of public health are seeking ways to effectively share their public health information.

The social media site, Twitter, is a good platform for schools of public health, as it allows them to track trends, communicate with other public health organizations and send concise messages to a diverse audience.

This manual aims to assist professionals at these schools with recommendations and user perceptions on how to construct tweets with public health information. In focus group sessions, users indicated that certain elements of a tweet, including linkshashtags and the characters, determine their perceptions of a tweet’s credibility.

If more schools of public health knew how to construct tweets that can be perceived as credible, then they would have the potential to generate more knowledge and discussion about certain health topics and new research studies. Preventative health messages on Twitter can ultimately save lives, cut health care costs for families and reduce visits to emergency rooms and hospitals.

Feel free to explore this manual to learn more about how your school or organization can become healthier tweeters.